Phoenix by Emilyann

Phoenix by Emilyann is a line of designs based on the phoenix bird from mythology and Kesha’s song Rainbow.

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Emilyann designed the phoenix logo during a time or reinvention in her life. Like Emilyann, we have all been through difficult times, felt lost, and needed to come to life. The phoenix symbol Emilyann designed that has now become her main logo represents hope, rising out of the ashes, and self love.

This collection is also inspired by Kesha’s song Rainbow. Some of Emilyann’s favorite lyrics from the song say, “I used to live in the darkness,
dress in black, act so heartless, but now I see that colors are everything.
Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo, got back the stars in my eyes, too, yeah now
I see the magic inside of me.” The song is all about leaving the darkness behind, seeing colors again, and choosing to be happy. This song inspired the many colors used in the phoenix logo and designs.

Celebrate your strength and beauty when you wear or display products from the Phoenix by Emilyann line.

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